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Ice Hockey in Wales

Ice Hockey in Wales is not a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation nor does it have a federation or an association, but a group of women players form national team and in 2001. Wales played an exhibition game against Alberta Selects in 2001. Wales went on to play England and Scotland 2002-2005. The team has been inactive every since.¬†This page shows the history of the Women’s national team.

Women’s National Team

Not a IIHF Member
Played From 2002-2004
Wales Women Official Results

Wales Women Unofficial Results
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played
May 18h, 2002, 4-1 win over England
First Unofficial Game Played
Aug 20th, 2001, 5-2 loss to Alberta Selects (CAN)
Longest Official Winning Streak
(3) Dec 5th, 2002-Jun 25th, 2006
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak
(1) Feb 1st 2004

Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(3) Dec 5th, 2002-Jun 25th 2006
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak
(1) Feb 1st 2004

Longest Official Losing Streak
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak
(1) Aug 20th, 2001

Biggest Official Win
7-0 over Scotland April 10th, 2004
Biggest Unofficial Win
3-0 over Northern Conference (GBR) February 1st 2004
Biggest Official Loss
Biggest Unofficial Loss
5-2 to Alberta Selects (CAN) August 20th, 2001

GK Sue Hart – Wales (WAL)
GK Emma Haymen – Wales (WAL)
DEF Sarah Audsley – Wales (WAL)
DEF Laura Burns – Wales (WAL)
DEF Kara Kowalyshen – Wales (WAL)
DEF Laura Merrick – Wales (WAL)
DEF Bethan Williams – Wales (WAL)
FW Heather Brunning – Wales (WAL)
FW Sam Cheetham – Wales (WAL)
FW Oenone Dodwell – Wales (WAL)
FW Becci Hargreaves – Wales (WAL)
FW Elaine Langford – Wales (WAL)
FW Sophie Lawton – Wales (WAL)
FW Ami Merrick – Wales (WAL)
FW Lorraine McMullan – Wales (WAL)
FW Helen Pugsley – Wales (WAL)
FW Deborah Warrick – Wales (WAL)
HC Mike Pugsley
(2004 Squad)

Team Wales – Welsh Women’s National Ice Hockey