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Ice Hockey in Switzerland

Ice hockey in Switzerland is governed by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation. Switzerland has been a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1908 and was a founding member of the IIHF. Switzerland Men’s national team their International debut in 1909, while the Women and Junior teams made their debuts 1987 & 1977. This page shows the history of the Men’s, Women & Junior national teams.

Men’s National Team

IIHF Member November 23rd, 1908
Homepage Swiss Ice Hockey
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Nickname Eisgenossen
Games Played 1400
Wins 609 Losses 678 Ties 113
Longest Winning Streak (12) Apr 19th-May 18th, 2013
Longest Unbeaten Streak (12) Apr 11th, 1996-Feb 6th, 1997
Longest Losing Streak (20) Jan 25th, 1909-Feb 23rd, 1913
Home Games 505 Away Games 895
Goals For 4584 Goals Against 5001
Most Games Mathias Seger (305) Most Points Jorg Eberle (142)
First Game Played January 23rd,1909 – 3-0 loss to England
Biggest Win 23-0 over Yugoslavia February 4th, 1939
Biggest Loss 33-0 to Canada January 30th, 1924
World Championships:
 1935, 2013, 2018

Bronze: 1928, 1930, 1937, 1939, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1953
Olympics Games:
 1928, 1948

European Championships:
 1922, 1924, 1925, 1932

Switzerland vs Others
Games Played 79
Wins 18 Losses 55 Ties 6
Home Games 57 Away Games 22
Goals For 215 Goals Against 401
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GK Gauthier Descloux – Genève-Servette HC (SUI)
GK Lukas Flüeler – ZSC Lions (SUI)
GK Gilles Senn – HC Davos (SUI)

DEF Michael Fora – HC Ambri-Piotta (SUI)
DEF Lukas Frick – Lausanne HC (SUI)
DEF Andrea Glauser – SCL Tigers (SUI)
DEF Fabian Heldner – HC Davos (SUI)
DEF Roger Karrer – ZSC Lions (SUI)

DEF Samuel Kreis – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)
DEF Christian Marti – ZSC Lions (SUI)
DEF Claude-Curdin Paschoud – HC Davos (SUI)
FW Yannick-Lennart Albrecht – EV Zug (SUI)
FW Jérôme Bachofner – ZSC Lions (SUI)
FW Christoph Bertschy – Lausanne HC (SUI)
FW Jason Fuchs – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)

FW Yannick Herren – Lausanne HC (SUI)
FW Lino Martschini  – EV Zug (SUI)
FW Marco Miranda – ZSC Lions (SUI)
FW Killian Mottet  – HC Fribourg-Gottéron (SUI)

FW Inti Pestoni – HC Davos (SUI)
FW Damien Riat – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)
FW Tanner Richard – Genève-Servette HC (SUI)
FW  Noah Rod – Genève-Servette HC (SUI)
FW Dario Simion – EV Zug (SUI)

FW #94 Samuel Walser – HC Fribourg-Gottéron (SUI)

HC Patrick Fischer
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Women’s National Team

IIHF Member November 23rd, 1908
Homepage Swiss Ice Hockey
Facebook Swiss Ice Hockey
Nickname Eisgenossen
Games Played 468
Wins 242 Losses 198 Ties 28
Longest Winning Streak (10) Apr 6th-Nov 10th, 2017
Longest Unbeaten Streak (11) Mar 24th,1995-Mar 23rd, 1996
Longest Losing Streak (6) Mar 30th-Apr 8th, 2013
Home Games 134 Away Games 334
Goals For 1457  Goals Against 1432
Most Games Nicole Bullo (229) Most Points Lara Stadler (123)
First Game Played April 21st,1987 – 10-0 loss to Canada
Biggest Win 21-2 over France December 29th, 1989
Biggest Loss 17-0 to United States April 20th, 1992
World Championships:

Olympics Games:
Women Nations Cup:
Bronze: 2017

European Championships:

Switzerland vs Others
Games Played 47
Wins 15 Losses 29 Ties 3
Home Games 19 Away Games 27
Goals For 130 Goals Against 236
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GK Vanessa Bolling – EHC Chur (SUI)
GK Saskia Maurer – HC Huskys Region (SUI)
DEF Nicole Bullo – HC Ladies Lugano (SUI)
DEF Lara Christen – SC Langenthal  (SUI)
DEF Sarah Forster – Brynas IF (SWE)
DEF Shannon Sigrist – SC Weinfelden Ladies (SUI)
DEF Sandra Thalmann – SC Reinach (SUI)
DEF Nicole Vallario – HC Ladies Lugano (SUI)
DEF Stefanie Wetli – EHC Winterthur (SUI)
FW Chelsea Bram – SC Reinach (SUI)
FW Rahel Enzler – SC Reinach (SUI)
FW Evelina Rasell – SC Reinach (SUI)
FW Lisa Ruedi – GCK Lions (SUI)

FW Dominique Ruegg – ZSC Lions (SUI)
FW Noemi Ryhner – SC Reinach (SUI)
FW Ophelie Ryser – HC Ladies Lugano (SUI)
FW Jessica Schlegel – GCK Lions (SUI)
FW Phobe Stanz – HC Ladies Lugano (SUI)
FW Lara Stalder – Linköping HC (SWE)
FW Isabel Waidacher – Djurgårdens IF (SWE)
FW Lara Zimmermann – GCK Lions (SUI)
FW Sabrina Zollinger

HC Daniela Diaz
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Junior U20 National Team

IIHF Member November 23rd, 1908
Homepage Swiss Ice Hockey
Facebook Swiss Ice Hockey
Games Played 586
Wins 263 Losses 282 Ties 41
Longest Winning Streak (9) 1985
Longest Unbeaten Streak (11) 1992-1993
Longest Losing Streak (8) 2007-2008
Home Games 101 Away Games 485
Goals For 2010 Goals Against 2186
Most Games Bjorn Christen (26) Most Points Peter Jaks (27)
First Game Played December 22nd,1977 – 18-1 loss to Soviet Union
Biggest Win 20-7 over Austria March 24th, 1985
Biggest Loss 19-1 to Finland December 27th, 1979
World Junior Championships:

Switzerland vs Others
Games Played 33
Wins 14 Losses 19 Ties 0
Home Games 0 Away Games 33
Goals For 106 Goals Against 108
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GK Stéphane Charlin – Genève-Servette HC (SUI)
GK Jan Luca Hollenstein – EV Zug (SUI)
DEF Guillaume Anex – Lausanne HC (SUI)

DEF Davyd Barandun – HC Davos (SUI)
DEF Gianluca Burgar – GCK Lions (SUI)
DEF Mika Henauer – SC Bern (SUI)
DEF Lucas Matewa – HC Lugano (SUI)
DEF David Prysi – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)
DEF Mick Schüpbach – SC Bern (SUI
DEF Dario Wuthrich – EV Zug (SUI)

FW Luca De Neso – EV Zug (SUI)
FW Noah Etter – Genève-Servette HC (SUI)
FW Jeremi Gerber – SC Bern (SUI)
FW Gilian Kohler – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)
FW Marco Lehmann – Kloten Flyers (SUI)

FW Brian Liechti – Linköping HC
FW Jullian Mettler – Kloten Flyers (SUI)
FW Jan Petrig – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)

FW Arnaud Riat – Genève-Servette HC (SUI)
FW Sandro Schmid – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)

FW Ramon Tanner – EHC Biel-Bienne (SUI)
FW Gian-Marco Weter – HC Davos (SUI)

HC Christian Wohlwend
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