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Ice Hockey in Scotland

Ice Hockey in Scotland is governed by Scottish Ice Hockey Association. Scotland is not a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Scotland Men’s national team made their International debut in 1909. The national team last participated in an international game in 1994. The Women made their debut in 1991 and played there last game in 2005. Both teams are now inactive. This page shows the history of the Men’s and Women’s national teams.

Men’s National Team

Not a IIHF Member
Played From 1909-1993
Scotland Men Official Results

Scotland Men Unofficial Results
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played
March 26th, 1909, 11-1 loss to England
First Unofficial Game Played
November 26th, 1932, 8-1 loss to Edmonton Superiors (CAN)
Longest Official Winning Streak
(8) Oct 13th, 1978-Apr 19th, 1980
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak
(1) Oct 14th, 1978
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(7) Feb 14th, 1960-Jan 1st, 1962
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(1) Oct 14th, 1978
Longest Official Losing Streak
(4) Mar 23th, 1931-Mar 16th, 1935
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak
(2) Nov 26th, 1932-Mar 19th, 1946
Biggest Official Win
14-1 over England- April 19th, 1980
Biggest Unofficial Win
4-3 over Netherlands B Oct 14th, 1978

Biggest Official Loss
11-1 to England  March 26th, 1909
Biggest Unofficial Loss
8-1 to Edmonton Superiors (CAN) November 26th, 1932

GK Andy Donald – Humberside Seahawks (GBR)
GK John McCrone – Ayr Raiders (GBR)
GK Scott O’Connor – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Paul Hand – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
DEF Paul Heavey – Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Derek King – Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Colin McHaffie – Ayr Raiders (GBR)
DEF Paul Pentland – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
DEF Allister Reid – Scotland (SCO)
DEF Mark Slater – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Gordon Whyte – Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Steve Combe – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Dean Edmiston – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW John Haig – Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Tony Hand – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Kevin King – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW Les Millie – Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Scott Neil – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Ian Robertson – Scotland (SCO)
FW Grant Slater – Bracknell Bees (GBR)
FW David Smith – Telford Tigers (GBR)
FW Brain Wilkie – Scotland (SCO)
HC Brain Kanewischer
(1991 Squad)

Women’s National Team

Not a IIHF Member
Played from 1991-2005
Scotland Women Official Results
Other Facts:

First Official Game Played
December 28th, 1991, 1-1 tie with England
Longest Official Winning Streak

Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(1) Dec 28th, 1991

Longest Official Losing Streak
(6) May 16th, 1992-Jun 25th, 2005

Biggest Official Win

Biggest Official Loss
16-2 to Netherlands December ??, 1997

GK Sarah Gibson – Scotland (SCO)
GK Katie Worthing – Scotland (SCO)
DEF S. Caie – Scotland (SCO)
DEF P. Edwards – Scotland (SCO)
DEF F. Letton – Scotland (SCO)
DEF M. Muir – Scotland (SCO)
DEF L. Piper – Scotland (SCO)
FW Kirsten Beattie – Scotland (SCO)
FW Natasha Duff – Scotland (SCO)
FW Kelly Grindrod – Scotland (SCO)
FW Leanne Hogan – Scotland (SCO)
FW Becky Kasner – Scotland (SCO)
FW Jennifer Kirk – Scotland (SCO)
FW Eleanor Maitland – Scotland (SCO)
FW Debbie McCready – Scotland (SCO)
FW Gill McDiarmid – Scotland (SCO)
FW Kristy McMillan – Scotland (SCO)
FW Angela Taylor – Scotland (SCO)
FW Fiona Vorel – Scotland (SCO)
FW Gemma Watt – Scotland (SCO)
FW Ammana Webster – Scotland (SCO)
HC Colette Cowie
(2004 Squad)

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