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Ice Hockey in New Zealand is governed by the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation. New Zealand has been a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1977. New Zealand Men’s national team made their International debut in 1987, while the Women and Junior teams made their debuts in 2000 & 2004. This page shows the history of the Men’s, Women & Junior national teams.

Men’s National Team

IIHF Member May 2nd, 1977
Nickname: Ice Blacks
New Zealand Men Official Results

New Zealand Men Unofficial Results

New Zealand Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played
March 13th,1987, 35-2 loss to South Korea

First Unofficial Game Played
July 6th, 2002, 5-1 win over Canada Moose (CAN)

Longest Official Winning Streak
(5) Apr 10th-16th, 2009
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak
(3) Jul 12th, 2002-Jun 25th, 2003

Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(5) Apr 10th-16th, 2009
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak
(3) Jun 24th-27th, 2004

Longest Official Losing Streak
(11) Mar 16th, 1989-Nov 6th, 1995
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak
(6) Aug 19th, 2011-Apr 5th, 2015

Biggest Official Win
19-0 over Hong Kong March 20th,1987
Biggest Unofficial Win
11-3 over Canada Moose (CAN) June 25th, 2004

Biggest Official Loss
58-0 to Australia March 14th,1987
Biggest Unofficial Loss
15-4 to SC Cortina (ITA) April 3rd, 2004

GK Daniel Lee – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
GK GK Csaba Kercso-Magos – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
GK Rick Parry – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
DEF Stefan Amston – New Zealand (NZL)
DEF Callum Burns – Southern Stampede (NZL)
DEF Nick Craig – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
DEF Logan Fraser – Botany Swarm (NZL)
DEF Andrew Hay – Botany Swarm (NZL)

DEF Oliver Hay – New Zealand (NZL)
DEF Blake Jackson – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
DEF Kahu Joyce – Melbourne Ice (AUS)

DEF Jaxson Lane – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
DEF Gareth McLeish – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
FW Jordan Challis – Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Andrew Cox – Perth Thunder (AUS)
FW Tristan Darling – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)

FW Chris Eaden – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW Benjamin Gavoille – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)

FW Dale Harrop – West Auckland Admirals (NZL
FW Connor Harrison – Southern Stampede (NZL)
FW Paris Heyd – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)

FW Joshua Hay –  Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Harrison Macharg – Southern Stampede (NZL)
FW Joseph Orr – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
FW Alexandr Polozov – Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Taylor Rooney – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)

FW Matthew Schneider – Southern Stampede (NZL)
FW Ryan Strayer – Southern Stampede (NZL)

FW Dean Tonks – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
HC Anatoliy Khorozov
Updated (08/12/18)

Women’s National Team

IIHF Member May 2nd, 1977
Nickname: Ice Fernz
New Zealand Women Official Results

New Zealand Women Unofficial Results

New Zealand Women Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played
November 5th, 2000, 2-1 loss to Australia
First Unofficial Game Played
March 11, 2000, 2-1 loss to New South Wales (AUS)

Longest Official Winning Streak
(7) Mar 29th, 2008-Mar 26th, 2012
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak
(2) Jul 11th-12th, 2002

Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(7) Mar 29th, 2008-Mar 26th, 2012
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak
(3) Jul 11th-14th, 2002

Longest Official Losing Streak
(8) Mar 30th, 2015-Mar 3rd, 2016
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak
(8) Feb 20th, 2016-Mar 11th, 2018

Biggest Official Win
19-0 over Turkey March 29th, 2007
Biggest Unofficial Win
7-1 over Canada Moose  (CAN) July 11th, 2002

Biggest Official Loss
15-0 to Australia December 13th, 2001
Biggest Unofficial Loss
19-0 to Norrtalje IK (SWE) February 25, 2016

GK #1 Tabitha Crump – Auckland (NZL)
GK #25 Grace Harrison – Auckland (NZL)

GK #20 Maria Lochlyn Hyde – Auckland (NZL)
DEF #7 Ana Goulding – Southern League (NZL)
DEF #9 Abbey Heale – Canterbury Chiefs (NZL)

DEF #8 Jamieson Jones – Auckland (NZL)
DEF #18 Rebecca Lilly – Southern League (NZL)
DEF #23 Kathryn McAslan – Southern League (NZL)
DEF #11 Rachael Neville Lamb – Auckland (NZL)
DEF #10 Ashley Richmond – Auckland (NZL)
DEF #26 Alyssa Suzuki – Auckland (NZL)

DEF #17 Krystie Smith-Woodyear – Canterbury Chiefs (NZL)
FW #4 Fuchsia Davidson – Auckland (NZL)

FW #27 Gina Davis – Auckland (NZL)
FW #12 Kirstin Gerken – Southern League (NZL)

FW #15 Hope Gregory – Southern League (NZL)
FW #24 Catilin Heale – Canterbury Chiefs (NZL)
FW #19 Alexandra Hyde – Auckland (NZL)
FW #3 Hannah Jensen – Auckland (NZL)
FW #5 Emma Klose – Canterbury Chiefs (NZL)
FW #2 Anjali Mulari – Auckland (NZL)

FW #6 Helen Murray – Auckland (NZL)
FW #16 Catlin Orr – Southern League (NZL)
FW #22 Jermma Read – Auckland (NZL)

FW #13 Anna Louise Robinson – Southern Leauge (NZL)
FW #21 Hannah Shields – Auckland (NZL)
FW #14 Laura Thresher – Auckland (NZL)
HC Andreas Kaisser
Updated (02/25/18)

Junior U20 National Team

IIHF Member May 2nd, 1977
New Zealand U20 Official Results

New Zealand U20 Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played
January 4th, 2004, 3-2 win over Turkey
Longest Official Winning Streak
(7) 2008-2010

Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(7) 2008-2010

Longest Official Losing Streak
(7) 2017-2018

Biggest Official Win
20-1 over Turkey January 18, 2008

Biggest Official Loss
19-0 to Netherlands December 13, 2000

GK #1 Finley Forbes – Canterbury (NZL)
GK #25 Taylor Goodall – Canterbury (NZL)

GK #20 James Moore – Southern League (NZL)
DEF #6 Felipe Aguirre-Landshoeft – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)

DEF #24 Moses Bygate-Smith – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
DEF #2 Ryan Fraser – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
DEF #16 George Hopkins – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
DEF #7 Max Hurring – Southern League (NZL)

DEF #3 William Morley-Hall – Canterbury (NZL)
DEF #21 Ahmed-Hatem Reynolds – Auckland (NZL)
FW #19 Shaun Brown – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW #8 Alexander Egan – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW #4 Leon Forgues – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW #5 Matheson Graham – Canterbury (NZL)
FW #11 Benjamin Harford – Southern League (NZL)

FW #21 Luke Hill – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW #22 Liam Kinraid – Dunedin Thunder (NZL)

FW #17 Harrison Macharg – Southern Stampede (NZL)
FW #18 Ryan Martinoli – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
FW #15 Mak Rawiri – West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
FW #10 Mason Rees – Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)

FW #12 Mathew Taylor – Auckland (NZL)
FW #13 Max Vesper – Auckland (NZL)
FW #14 Zachary Vince – Auckland (NZL)

HC Justin Daigle
Updated (01/04/18)

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