Ice Hockey in Lebanon 

The Lebanese Ice Hockey Federation is the governing body overseeing the Lebanese Local and international Ice Hockey teams and development program. Formed in 2018, Lebanon is currently not a member of the International ice Hockey Federation. Lebanon Men’s National Team made their debut in 2016 when the took on newcomers Haiti in a exhibition game. This page shows the history of the Men’s national team.

Men’s National Team

Not IIHF Member
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All Time Stats:
Lebanon Men Official Results
Lebanon Men Unofficial Results
Lebanon Men All Time Scoring Leaders
Other Notes:
First Official Game Played April 23rd, 2017, 7-4 win over Haiti
First Unofficial Game Played April 15th, 2017, 8-3 win over Maghreb United (AFR)
Longest Official Winning Streak (4) Apr 23rd-Sept 22nd, 2017
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak (2) Feb 24th-Sept 14th, 2017

Longest Official Unbeaten Streak (4 ) Apr 23rd-Sept 22nd, 2017
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak Feb 24th-Sept 14th, 2017

Longest Official Losing Streak (0)
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak (4) Nov 14th-17th 2017-
Biggest Official Win 10-3 over Algeria Sept 22nd, 2017
Biggest Unofficial Win 17-1 over Philippines Flyers (CAN) December 16th, 2017

Biggest Official Loss None
Biggest Unofficial Loss 7-1 to Belarus PT (BLR) November 16th, 2017

GK #30 Frédéric Nassif – Lebanon (LBN)
GK #29 Pascal Malkoun – Lebanon (LBN)
DEF #95 Souheil Bitar – Lebanon (LBN)

DEF #18 Matthew Darwish – Lebanon (LBN)
DEF #79 Claude Kfoury – Lebanon (LBN)

DEF #2 Majed Madi – Lebanon (LBN)
DEF #7 Ricardo Tabet – Lebanon (LBN)
DEF #27 Joseph Wanna – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #10 Bashir Assaf – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #9 Ethan Bassile – University of Southern Maine (USA)
FW #21Joe Bouhaidar – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #91 Rami Al-Kahi – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #44 David El-Khoury – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #16 Karl El-Mir – University of Connecticut (USA)
FW #19 Elie Khalil – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #20 Stefano Noory – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #96 Anthony Mikhael – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #8 Edouard Tabet – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #27 Joseph Wanna – Lebanon (LBN)
FW #98 Georges Zarzour – Lebanon (LBN)

HC Ralph Melki
Update (12/16/17)