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Ice Hockey in England

Ice Hockey in England is governed by English Ice Hockey Association. England is not a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. England Men’s national team made their International debut in 1909. The national team last participated in an international game in 1994. The Women made their debut in 1987 and played there last game in 2002. Both teams are now inactive. This page shows the history of the Men’s and Women’s national teams.

Men’s National Team

Not a IIHF Member
Played from 1909-1993
Homepage English Ice Hockey Association
Nickname The Three Lions
Games Played 114
Wins 45 Losses 61 Ties 8
Longest Winning Streak (6) Jan 16th-Jan 22nd, 1914
Longest Unbeaten Streak (8) Jan 23rd, 1909-Jan 11th, 1910
Longest Losing Streak (7) Feb 10th, 1950-Feb 4th, 1955
Home Games 60 Away Games 54
Goals For 457 Goals Against 538
Most Games N/A Most Points Alex Archer (15)
First Game Played January 23rd,1909 -3-0 win over Switzerland
Biggest Win 16-0 over Belgium – January 16th,1914
Biggest Loss 14-0 to Canada January 25th,1952
England vs Others
Games Played 32
Wins 3 Losses 25 Ties 4
Home Games 21 Away Games 11
Goals For 47 Goals Against 161
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GK David Graham – Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
GK Jeff Smith – Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Andrew Allan – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Ian Cooper – Durham Wasps (GBR)
DEF Stephen Cooper – Durham Wasps (GBR)
DEF Mike O’Connor – Durham Wasps (GBR)
DEF Robert Wilkinison – Durham Wasps (GBR)
FW Jamie Crapper – Bracknell Bees (GBR)
FW Paul Davison – Cleveland Bombers (GBR)
FW John Iredale – Whitley Warriors (GBR)
FW Anthony Johnson – Humberside Seahawks (GBR)
FW Stephen Johnson – Humberside Seahawks (GBR)
FW Stuart Parker – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW Simon Perkins – Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
FW Nigel Rhodes – Milton Keynes Kings (GBR)
FW Damian Smith – Durham Wasps (GBR)
FW Gary Stefan – Slough Jets (GBR)
HC Peter Johnson
(1991 Squad)

Women’s National Team

Not a IIHF Member
Played from 1987-2002
Homepage English Ice Hockey Association
Nickname The Three Lions
Games Played 5
Wins 2 Losses 2 Ties 1
Longest Winning Streak (2) May 16th, 1992-Jan 30th, 1993
Longest Unbeaten Streak (3) Dec 28th, 1991-Jan 30th, 1993
Longest Losing Streak (1) May 18th, 2002
Home Games 3 Away Games 2
Goals For 13 Goals Against 11
Most Games N/A Most Points N/A
First Game Played December 18th,1987 – 5-1 loss to Denmark
Biggest Win 7-0 over Scotland January 30th,1993
Biggest Loss 5-1 to Denmark December 18th,1987
England vs Others
Games Played 7
Wins 1 Losses 6 Ties 0
Home Games 0 Away 7
Goals For 9 Goals Against 41
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GK Rhian Hayes – England (ENG)
GK Sasha Martin – England (ENG)
DEF Nicole Brock – England (ENG)
DEF Grace Drake – England (ENG)
DEF Lucy Johnson – England (ENG
DEF Chrissey Newman – England (ENG)
DEF Jacqui Memmolt – England (ENG)
DEF Nicki Pattinson – England (ENG)
DEF Sue Williams – England (ENG)
FW Sam Bidmead – England (ENG)
FW Natalie Bullen – England (ENG)
FW Josie Griffiths – England (ENG)
FW Kirsty Krater – England (ENG)
FW Gemma Nichole – England (ENG)
FW Claire Pannell – England (ENG)
FW Kelly Simpson – England (ENG)
FW Alice Stanley – England (ENG)
FW Laura Stark – England (ENG)
FW Emma Slott – England (ENG)
FW Alex Spooner – England (ENG)
FW Stephane Turner – England (ENG)
FW Stacy Wood – England (ENG)
FW Vicki Wood – England
(2002 Squad)