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Ice Hockey in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Ice Hockey in Bosnia-Herzegovina is governed by Ice hockey Federation BIH. Bosnia-Herzegovina has been a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 2001. Bosnia-Herzegovina Men’s national team made their International debut in 2008. This page shows the history of the Men’s national teams.

Men’s National Team

IIHF Member May 10th, 2001
Nickname Ice Dragons
Bosnia Men Official Results

Bosnia Men Unofficial Results

Bosnia Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played
February 15th, 2008, 10-1 loss to Greece
First Unofficial Game Played
February 18th, 2017, 3-1 loss HK Spartak Subotica (SRB)
Longest Official Winning Streak
(3) Jan 21st, 2017 – Feb 26th, 2018
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak

Longest Official Unbeaten Streak
(3) Jan 21st, 2017 – Feb 26th, 2018
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak

Longest Official Losing Streak
(11) Apr 3rd, 2016 – Jan 20th, 2018
Longest Official Losing Streak
(4) Feb 18th, 2017-Dec 23rd, 2018

Biggest Official Win
9-0 over Kuwait April 4th, 2019
Biggest Unofficial Win

Biggest Official Loss
13-0 to North Korea & Luxembourg April 3rd, 2015 & April 6th, 2016
Biggest Unofficial Loss
9-1 to HK Spartak Subotica (SRB) December 22nd, 2018

GK #1 Amel Capin – HK Vukovi Sarajevo (BIH)
GK #20 Dino Pasovic – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
DEF #4 Nermin Alic – HK Vukovi Sarajevo (BIH)
DEF #24 Muhamed Dinalic – HK Vukovi Sarajevo (BIH)
DEF #6 Mirza Hadiz – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
DEF #17 Kenan Korjenic – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)

DEF #23 Anthony London – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
DEF #10 Admir Pilav – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
DEF #22 Hamza Selmanovic – HK Vukovi Sarajevo (BIH)
FW #18 Tarik Catovic  – HK Vukovi Sarajevo (BIH)
FW #3 Muamer Dzamalija – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
FW #16 Ensar Ismailovic – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)

FW #9 Ermin Hasovic – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
FW #8 Mirzet Hodzic – HK Vukovi Sarajevo (BIH)
FW #14 Tarnik Krehic – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
FW #11 Haris Mrkva – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)

FW #21 Samir Music – – HK Vukovi Sarajevo (BIH)
FW #5 Mirza Omer – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)
FW #7 Dubravko Posavec – HK Sarajevo Medvjedi (BIH)

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