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_resized_640x480Great Britain Jersey



Men's National Team

IIHF Member November 19th, 1908
Nickname Team GB
Games Played 424
Wins 181
Losses 207
Ties 36
Home Games 68
Away Games 356
Goals For 1653
Goals Against 1689
Most Games Ashley Tait (102)
Most Points Tony Hand (107)
First Game Played February 16th,1922 -7-1 win over Switzerland
Biggest Win 26-0 over New Zealand March 16th,1989
Biggest Loss 21-1 to Yugoslavia March 25th,1979
World Championships:
Silver: 1937, 1938t
Bronze: 1928, 1935
Olympic Games:
Bronze: 1924
European Championships:
Great Britain Men All Time Results

GK Ben Bowns Hull Stingrays (GBR)
GK Stephan Murphy Belfast Giants (NIR)
GK Mike Will Braehead Clan (GBR)
DEF Luke Boothroyd Manchester Phoenix (GBR)
DEF Stevie Lee Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
DEF Danny Myers Sheffield Steelers (GBR)
DEF Ben O’Connor Arlan Kokshetau (KAZ)
DEF David Phillips Belfast Giants (NIR)
DEF Mark Richardson Cardiff Devils (WAL)
DEF Paul Swindlehurst  Dundee Stars (GBR)
DEF Jonathan Weaver Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
FW David Clarke Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
FW Ben Davies Cardiff Devils (WAL)
FW Matty Davies Hull Stingrays (GBR)
FW Robert Dowd Sheffield Steelers (GBR)
FW Robert Farmer Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
FW Mark Garside Belfast Giants (GBR)
FW Jason Hewitt Sheffield Steelers (GBR)
FW Phil Hill Sheffield Steelers (GBR)
FW Robert Lachowicz Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
FW Matthew Myers Cardiff Devils (GBR)
FW Jonathan Phillips Sheffield Steelers (GBR)
FW Colin Shields Belfast Giants (GBR)
FW Ashley Tait Coventry Blaze (GBR)

HC Looking for a coach
Updated (06/10/14)

Women's National Team

IIHF Member November 19th, 1908
Nickname Team GB
Games Played 99
Wins 42
Losses 54
Ties 3
Home Games 14
Away Games 85
Goals For 355
Goals Against 334
Most Games Emily Turner & Lauren Halliwell (51)
Most Points Angela Taylor (48)
First Game Played March 6th,1989 - 4-2 loss to Netherlands
Biggest Win 27-0 over South Africa March 9th, 2007
Biggest Loss 16-0 to Sweden March 18th,1991
Great Britain Women All Time Results

GK Nicole Jackson Kingston Diamonds (GBR)
GK Laura Saunders Slough Phantoms (GBR)
DEF Jessica Curtis Bracknell Queens Bees (GBR)
DEF Georgian Farman IF Norrkoping (SWE)
DEF Lauren Halliwell Sheffield Shadows (GBR)
DEF Amanda Handisides Bracknell Queens Bees (GBR)
DEF Alice Lamb Slough Phantoms (GBR)
DEF Helen Moss Sheffield Shawdows (GBR)
DEF Beth Scoon Kingston Diamonds (GBR)
DEF Lauren Summers Bracknell Queen Bees (GBR)
FW Louise Adams Guildford Lightning (GBR)
FW Natalie Aldridge Bracknell Queen Bees (GBR)
FW Saffron Allen Solihul Vixen (GBR)
FW Jodie Bloom Sheffield Shadows (GBR)
FW Louisa Durnell Scanlon Creek (CAN)
FW Helen Emerson Kingston Diamonds (GBR)
FW Katherine Gale Scaton Creek Academy (CAN)
FW Leanne Ganney Bracknell Queen Bees (GBR)
FW Sophie Herbert Brock University (CAN)
FW Olivia Mason Solihul Vixen (GBR)
FW Chrissy Newman Bracknell Queen Bees (GBR)
FW Kate Rigby Solihul Vixen (GBR)

HC Paul Burton
Updated (03/24/14)

Junior U20 National Team

IIHF Member November 19th, 1908
Games Played 146
Wins 64
Losses 75
Ties 7
Home Games 14
Away Games 132
Goals For 648
Goals Against 595

Most Games Mark Richardson, Adam Walker & Tom Carlon (20)
Most Points Stephen Wallace (36)
First Game Played March 25th,1984 - 7-3 loss to Spain
Biggest Win 25-1 over Mexico December 18th, 2009
Biggest Loss 16-2 to Latvia  December 31st,1993

Great Britain U20 All Time Results

GK Adam Goss Mercyhurst University (USA)
GK Jordan Hedley Milton Keynes Lighting (GBR)
DEF Declan Balmer Basingstoke Bison (GBR)
DEF Callum Buglass Swindon Wildcats (GBR)
DEF Josh Grieveson Middlesex Black Bears (USA)
DEF Craig Moore Ogden Mustangs (USA)
DEF Scott Robson Peterborough Phantoms (GBR)
DEF Matt Selby  Basingstoke Bison (GBR)
DEF Harvey Stead  Bracknell Bees (GBR)
FW Ivan Antonov Bracknell Bees (GBR)
FW Ollie Bietteridge Swindon Wildcats (GBR)
FW Glen Billing Okanagan Hockey Academy UK (CAN)
FW Bobby Chamberlain Manchester Phoenix (GBR)
FW Jordan Cownie Milton Keynes Lighting (GBR)
FW Samuel Duggan Orebro HK (SWE)
FW Alex Forbes Ogden Mustangs (USA)
FW Lewis Hook Milton Keynes Lighting (GBR)
FW Toms Rutkis Okanagan Academy UK CAN)
FW Michael Stratford Okanagan Hockey Academy UK (CAN)
FW Floyd Tayor Swindon Wildcats (GBR)
FW Sam Towner  Hull Stingrays (GBR)
FW Cameron Wynn  Basingstoke Bison (GBR)
HC Peter Russell

Updated (11/25/14)

Englands Men and Womens National Team

_resized_640x480England Jersey


Not a IIHF Member
Played from 1909-1993
Nickname The Three Lions
Games Played 94
Wins 37
Losses 49
Ties 8
Most Games N/A
Most Points Alex Archer (15)
Home Games 34
Away Games 60
Goals For 420
Goals Against 416
Most Games N/A
Most Points N/A
First Game Played January 24th,1909 -11-0
win over Bohemia
Biggest Win 16-0 over Switzerland - January 16th,1914
Biggest Loss 14-1 to Scotland April 19th,1980
England Men All Time Results

GK David Graham Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
GK Jeff Smith Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Andrew Allan Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Ian Cooper Durham Wasps (GBR)
DEF Stephen Cooper Durham Wasps (GBR)
DEF Mike O'Connor Durham Wasps (GBR)
DEF Robert Wilkinison Durham Wasps (GBR)
FW Jamie Crapper Bracknell Bees (GBR)
FW Paul Davison Cleveland Bombers (GBR)
FW John Iredale Whitley Warriors (GBR)
FW Anthony Johnson Humberside Seahawks (GBR)
FW Stephen Johnson Humberside Seahawks (GBR)
FW Stuart Parker Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW Simon Perkins Nottingham Panthers (GBR)
FW Nigel Rhodes Milton Keynes Kings (GBR)
FW Damian Smith Durham Wasps (GBR)
FW Gary Stefan Slough Jets (GBR)
HC Peter Johnson
(1991 Squad)



Not a IIHF Member
Played from 1987-2002
Nickname The Three Lions
Games Played 5
Wins 2 Losses 2 Ties 1
Longest Winning Streak (2) May 16th, 1992-Jan 30th, 1993
Longest Unbeaten Streak (3) Dec 28th, 1991-Jan 30th, 1993
Longest Losing Streak (1) May 18th, 2002
Home Games 3 Away Games 2
Goals For 13 Goals Against 11
Most Games N/A Most Points N/A
First Game Played December 18th,1987 - 5-1 loss to Denmark
Biggest Win 7-0 over Scotland January 30th,1993
Biggest Loss 5-1 to Denmark December 18th,1987
England vs Others
Games Played 3
Wins 1 Losses 2 Ties 0
Home Games 0 Away 3
Goals For 7 Goals Against 22

England Women All Time Results

GK Rhian Hayes England
GK Sasha Martin England
DEF Nicole Brock England
DEF Grace Drake England
DEF Lucy Johnson England
DEF Chrissey Newman England
DEF Jacqui Memmolt England
DEF Nicki Pattinson England
DEF Sue Williams England
FW Sam Bidmead England
FW Natalie Bullen England
FW Josie Griffiths England
FW Kirsty Krater England
FW Gemma Nichole England

FW Claire Pannell England
FW Kelly Simpson England
FW Alice Stanley England
FW Laura Stark England
FW Emma Slott England
FW Alex Spooner England
FW Stephane Turner England
FW Stacy Wood England
FW Vicki Wood England

(2002 Squad)

Scotland Mens and Womens National Team

SCOlogoScotland Jersey


Not a IIHF Member
Played From 1909-1993
Homepage N/A
Games Played 55
Wins 33
Losses 18
Ties 4
Home Games 36
Away Games 19
Goals For 300
Goals Against 215
Most Games N/A
Most Points N/A
First Game Played March 26th,1909, 11-1 loss to England
Biggest Win 14-1 over England- April 19th,1980
Biggest Loss 11-1 to England  March 26th,1909
Scotland Men All Time Results

GK Andy Donald Humberside Seahawks (GBR)
GK John McCrone Ayr Raiders (GBR)
GK Scott O'Connor Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Paul Hand Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
DEF Paul Heavey Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Derek King Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Colin McHaffie Ayr Raiders (GBR)
DEF Paul Pentland Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
DEF Allister Reid Scotland
DEF Mark Slater Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Gordon Whyte Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Steve Combe Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Dean Edmiston Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW John Haig Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Tony Hand Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Kevin King Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW Les Millie Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Scott Neil Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Ian Robertson Scotland
FW Grant Slater Bracknell Bees (GBR)
FW David Smith Telford Tigers (GBR)
FW Brain Wilkie Scotland
HC Brain Kanewischer
(1991 Squad)


Not a IIHF Member
Played from 1991-2005
Homepage N/A
Games Played 5
Wins 0 Losses 4 Ties 1
Longest Winning Streak (0)
Longest Unbeaten Streak (1) Dec 28th, 1991
Longest Losing Streak (4) May 16th, 1992-Jun 25, 2005
Home Games 3 Away Games 2
Goals For 2 Goals Against 22
Most Games N/A Most Points N/A
First Game Played December 28th,1991, 1-1 tie with England
Biggest Loss 7-0 to England January 30th,1993

Scotland Women All Time Results

GK Sarah Gibson Scotland
GK Katie Worthing Scotland
DEF S. Caie Scotland
DEF P. Edwards Scotland
DEF F. Letton Scotland
DEF M. Muir Scotland
DEF L. Piper Scotland
FW Kirsten Beattie Scotland
FW Natasha Duff Scotland
FW Kelly Grindrod Scotland
FW Leanne Hogan Scotland
FW Becky Kasner Scotland
FW Jennifer Kirk Scotland
FW Eleanor Maitland Scotland
FW Debbie McCready Scotland
FW Gill McDiarmid Scotland
FW Kristy McMillan Scotland
FW Angela Taylor Scotland

FW Fiona Vorel Scotland
FW Gemma Watt Scotland
FW Ammana Webster Scotland

HC Colette Cowie
(2004 Squad)

Wales Womens National Team

_resized_640x480Wales Jersey


Not a IIHF Member
Played from 2002-2004
Homepage N/A
Facebook Team Wales - Welsh Women's National Ice Hockey
Games Played 3
Wins 3 Losses 0 Ties 0
Longest Winning Streak (3) Dec 5th, 2002-Jun 25th, 2006
Longest Unbeaten Streak (2) Dec 5th, 2002-Jun 25th 2006
Longest Losing Streak (0)
Home Games 1 Away Games 2
Goals For 15 Goals Against 1
Most Games Heather Brunning (2) Most Points Heather Brunning (5)
First Game Played May 18h, 2002, 4-1 win over England
Biggest Win 7-0 over Scotland April 10th, 2004
Wales vs Others
Games Played 2
Wins 1 Losses 1 Ties 0
Goals For 5 Goals Against 5

Wales Women All Time Results

GK Sue Hart Wales
GK Emma Haymen Wales
DEF Sarah Audsley Wales
DEF Laura Burns Wales
DEF Kara Kowalyshen Wales
DEF Laura Merrick Wales
DEF Bethan Williams Wales
FW Heather Brunning Wales
FW Sam Cheetham Wales
FW Oenone Dodwell Wales
FW Becci Hargreaves Wales
FW Elaine Langford Wales
FW Sophie Lawton Wales
FW Ami Merrick Wales
FW Lorraine McMullan Wales
FW Helen Pugsley Wales
FW Deborah Warrick Wales
HC Mike Pugsley
(2004 Squad)
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