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_resized_640x480New Zealand Jersey
IIHF Member May 2nd, 1977
Facebook New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation (NZIHF)
Nickname Ice Blacks
Games Played 109
Wins 36 Losses 71 Ties 2
Longest Winning Streak (4) Apr 10th-16th, 2009
Longest Unbeaten Streak (4) Apr 10th-16th, 2009
Logest Losing Streak (11) Mar 16th, 1989-Nov 6th, 1995
Home Games 17 Away Games 92
Goals For 380 Goals Against 889
Most Games Joshau Hay (56) Most Points Brett Speirs (51)
First Game Played March 13th,1987 - 35-2 loss to South Korea
Biggest Win 19-0 over Hong Kong March 20th,1987
Biggest Loss 58-0 to Australia March 14th,1987

New Zealand vs Others
Games Played 19
Wins 7 Losses 10 Ties 2
Home Games 13 Away Games 6
Goals For 70 Goals Against 82

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GK Jaden Murphy-Pine Melbourne Ice (AUS)
GK Richard Parry West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
DEF George Coslett Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
DEF Mitchell Frear Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
DEF Bret Haines Southern Stampede (NZL)
DEF Andrew Hay
Botany Swarm (NZL)
DEF Jamie Lawrence Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
DEF Remy Sandoy Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
DEF Tomas Tappin Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
DEF Ian Wannamaker Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Micheal Attwell Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Callum Burns Southern Stampede (NZL)
FW Jeremy Chai West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
FW Jordan Challis Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Andrew Cox Perth Thunder (NZL)
FW Connor Harrison Dunedin Thunder (NZL)

FW Dale Harrop Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW Joshua Hay Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Nick Henderson West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
FW Paris Hyde Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
FW Maxwell Macharg Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)

HC Janos Kaszala
Updated (04/01/15)
IIHF Member May 2nd, 1977
Facebook New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation (NZIHF)
Nickname Ice Fernz
Games Played 44
Wins 16 Losses 27 Ties 1
Longest Winning Streak (7) Mar 29th, 2008-Mar 26th, 2012
Longest Unbeaten Streak (7) Mar 29th, 2008-Mar 26th, 2012
Longest Losing Streak (7) Nov 5th, 2000-Jul 21st, 2002
Home Games 12 Away Games 32
Goals For 142 Goals Against 187
Most Games Shiree Haslemore (32) Most Points Shiree Haslemore (35)
First Game Played November 5th, 2000 - 2-1 loss to Australia
Biggest Win 19-0 over Turkey March 29th, 2007
Biggest Loss 15-0 to Australia December 13th, 2001
New Zealand vs Others
Games Played 4
Wins 2 Losses 1 Ties 1
Home Games 4 Away Games 0
Goals For 19 Goals Against 9

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GK Firth Bidois Auckland (NZL)
GK Grace Harrison
Auckland (NZL)
DEF Anna Goulding  Southern League (NZL)
DEF Jean-Libby Hay Auckland (NZL)
DEF Jamieson Jones Auckland (NZL)
DEF Rebecca Lilly
Southern League (NZL)
DEF Rachael Neville Lamb Southern League (NZL)
DEF Jessica Scott Auckland (NZL)
DEF Alyssa Suzuki Auckland (NZL)
FW Gina Davis Auckland (NZL)
FW Renata Gottgtory Auckland (NZL)
FW Caitlin Heale
Canterbury Chiefs (NZL)
FW Jasmine Pascore Horner Auckland (NZL)
FW Alexandra Hyde Auckland (NZL)
FW Hannah Jensen Auckland (NZL)
FW Helen Murray
Auckland (NZL)
FW Caitlin Orr  Southern League (NZL)
FW Hannah Shields Auckland (NZL)
FW Anjali Thakker
Auckland (NZL)

HC Ulf Hall
Updated (03/25/15)

IIHF Member May 2nd, 1977
Facebook New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation (NZIHF)
Games Played 55
Wins 28 Losses 26 Ties 1
Longest Winning Streak (7) 2008-2010
Longest Unbeaten Streak (7) 2008-2010
Longest Losing Streak (5) 2005-2006
Home Games 4 Away Games 46
Goals For 234 Goals Against 250
Most Games Joshua Hay (21)
Most Points Joshua Hay (35)
First Game Played January 4th, 2004 - 3-2 win over Turkey
Biggest Win 20-1 over Turkey January 18, 2008
Biggest Loss 19-0 to Netherlands December 13, 2000

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GK Evan Froger West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
Liam Henare Southern Stampede (NZL)
DEF Lucas Betts Botany Swarm (NZL)
DEF Blake Fraser Botany Swarm (NZL)
DEF Benjermin Harford Southern Stampede (NZL)
DEF Joshua Louw Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
DEF Mason Kennedy Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
DEF Joshau Rariri West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
DEF Benedict Roth Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
FW Monty Brown Southern Stampede (NZL)
FW Thomas Carson-Pratt Southern Stampede (NZL)
FW Liam Dallimore Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW Logan Fraser Botant Swarm (NZL)
FW Oliver Hay Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Kyle Jonsson Botany Swarm (NZL)
FW Joseph Orr Dunedin Thunder (NZL)
FW Jake Ratcliffe Canterbury Red Devils (NZL)
FW Mak Rawiri West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
FW Taylor Rooney West Auckland Admirals (NZL)
FW Robin Vortanov Botany Swarm (NZL)

HC Stephan Reid
Updated (10//04/15)

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