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Prof. Dr. Bulent Akay entered as the sole candidate to become the new president of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation at the General Assembly in Kocaeli. The General Assembly voted for Akay who now is the New President and brings and end to a painful era in Turkish ice hockey.

The new board of directors headed by Bülent Akay are Fevzi Karabiyik, Emre Aydin, Ozer Bulent Aydoğdu, Mehmet Akif Cam, Semra Eser, Selami Kızılkaya, Serhan Kiraz, Murat Ocakçı, Murat Sen, Mehmet Mete Tatarogullari, Eyup Tavlasglu, Hüseyin Yavuz, Halit Albayrak, Nasuh Kirit and Fuat Yilmaz.

Bulent Akay's new task is to move ice hockey into a better place, many challenge are in front of them as they have to first clean up the mess left by the old regime.
One of first changes made was in youth hockey where my good friend Keith McAdams has become the the new head coach of the U18, U20 National Junior Teams and U16 development coach. Keith has worked with youth in Turkey for many years he has real passion for the game and the kids that he coaches.

The U18, 20 teams will be competing at the world championship in New Zealand in 2015. The U18s will compete in Division III in March and will faceoff against Hong Kong & New Zealand, While the U20s will compete in Division III in January and will take on Bulgaria, China, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa.

Deniz Ince will remain has head coach of the Turkish National Team and will be competing at the world championships Division III at home in Izmir In April 2015. The Turkish Team will be playing against Bosnia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, North Korea and United Arab Emirates.

We want to wish the Turkish Federation, Keith McAdams and Denis Ince the best of luck now and in the future has the try to move Ice hockey to greater heights in Turkey.


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Growing up in Canada I was a huge hockey fan, but it wasn't until the 1972 summit series and the 1976 Canada Cup that I became a big fan of international hockey. The best players in world all playing on a sheet of ice. 
over the years Ice Hockey as grown and is still growing all over the world. On this website you find Video Hi-lites of International Games, Ice hockey News, National Team Records, All Time Results, Scores, Schedule to upcoming games and all International Tournaments from around the world.
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