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Till early turn of the century, ice hockey players in the country had to depend on two Chinese brothers who sold skates for a living on the borders of India. Today, the situation has undergone a great change in the country thanks to one passionate person, Adam Craig Sherlips, coaching director and former coach of the Indian Ice hockey team. Sherlips, who was in Kochi recently to mentor students as part of a training camp, believes that the high altitude lakes and frozen streams which highlight the beauty of the North Indian landscapes provide one of the better training grounds for ice hockey. Given the space and exposure, he says, India can produce one of the finest teams in Asia and even the world, in a gap of several years

“There are at least 2,000 people in India who are very passionate about the game and love it no differently than their western counterparts. This is what encourages coaches like me to mentor more and more Indians,” says the North American native.

However, he adds that India still has a long way to go since even today, players are finding it difficult to procure equipments and also match the International standards of how the game is played. This is where initiatives like Hockey Foundation’s ‘Hockey Volunteer’ headed by Sherlips has made a difference. “We ensure that equipments reach places in Ladakh, Shimla and Dehradun where the game is played the most. Our aim is to encourage growth of ice hockey in non-traditional regions along with collaborating with people and organisations who feel passionate about ice hockey. I make sure that our players are exposed to talks by international coaches who are well versed and experienced in the game,” he says and adds that the Foundation is mainly focused in promoting the game to children and youth.

The National Ice hockey team which won its first international ice hockey game in 2012 is comprised of 20 players with twelve forwards, six defence and two goaltenders. The players are all from Ladakh, Shimla and Delhi.

Sherlips’ spirit for the game and his coaching methods have been featured in several documentaries in Europe and North America.


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