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Iran open the largest ice hockey rink in the region On Monday September 15 in Tabriz.

This rink which has been sponsored by the private sector and constructed in two years opened in the presence of provincial officials and the president of skating federation.

Arsalan Monfared, Iran’s national ice hockey team coach and one of the investors of this project, said, “this is the largest ice hockey rink in the Middle East with over 5.5 thousand square meters of infrastructure and 1500 square meters for the skating area.”

He asserted, “the rink has standard flooring and from now on the athletes will be able to train in a much more appropriate place.”

“This rink can also be used for free-style and figure skating. The rink will hopefully solve a large part of the athletes and the skating community’s problems.”, he said.

This complex which has been allocated 1.5 million dollars for its construction has an ice hockey rink, a spectator stand, a sports shop, a restaurant, administrative offices, and some other sections.

Iran rink in Tabiz


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