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The hockey tournament hosts have no right to automatic qualification. In recent years the Olympic Games get to qualify directly 9 best teams in the world ranking, but the other 3 places teams competed in tournaments qualifiers. Fasel warns that the representation of South Korea will not get the right to participate in the Olympic Games held in there country in 2018, when its performance is not at a high level.

- We would like the representation of South Korea to appeare at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. This continues to be our goal, but we must be careful, especially if the tournament again gets NHL players - says the president of the IIHF. - There is no point in South Korea losing to Canada, U.S. or Russia 0:15.

The last time the host had an automatic spot at the Olympics in ice hockey was 2006 in Turin. Italy managed to tie with Germany and Switzerland, but in the group Italy took the last place. In the two other cases the problems were not so, because both Canada and Russia were hosts both counties ranking high enough ab do not have to make a special exceptions for them.

Unofficially it is said that the president Fasel informed South Korea that their representation will get a place in a tournament if the next two years show a marked improvement in there play.
- The President told us that we must first show progress, which will allow us to compete on more equal terms with powers such as Sweden - said one of the officials of the Korean Ice Hockey Association, Fasel pointed out that evidence of progress would be the promotion of South Korea would have to be18th place in the IIHF rankings.

Today, it is virtually impossible, however, because of the results of the last World Championship Division I Group A in Goyang, where the Koreans took last place and fell to a lower level of competition. They are currently 23rd in the IIHF rankings and are threatened to be overtaken by Poland. Qualification to the Olympic Games and will be decide by the rankings in 2016. Koreans have only two years at the World Championships will have the opportunity to gain more points and improve there ranking provided that next year in Eindhoven promotion goes there way.

IIHF authorities admit that the Olympic tournament without a host is a strange.
- We will do everything possible to help the Koreans to play in Pyeongchang.'s it's a big challenge, but for hockey would not be good if South Korea is not represented at the men's tournament - Fasel said last year. Koreans have tried various ways to improve the level.

They established team by grouping players performing in military service, three naturalized Canadians, and the president of the federation Wong-mon Jung bought shares in the Finnish second division club Kiekko-Vantaa and added a few young Koreans to give them the opportunity to develop one at a higher level.

International Federation authorities have recommend to the Koreans that they hire a foreign coach but the Koreans have stuck with Sun Wook Byun. The Kiha promises that the new coach will be hird at some point.


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